Juvenile Arrested in Northern Virginia for Helping Islamic State


Last Friday FBI agents raided a Woodbridge, Virginia home and took a 17-year old into custody for helping another man travel to Syria to join the Islamic State or ‘ISIS.’

The juvenile is reportedly a student at Osbourn Park High School outside of Manassas in Prince William County who has been described as quiet, polite and very intelligent.


FBI investigators conducted surveillance on the boy’s house for over a month before taking him into custody.  Although details have not yet been released, it is believed that the teen used online contacts to facilitate the journey for another man from the United States to Syria to join the Islamic State.

Currently, the teen is being charged as a juvenile in the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Virginia.  However, federal prosecutors intend to certify the teen as an adult through a complicated legal process.

This marks the latest in a recent series of arrests in the United States related to providing support to the Islamic State.  In February three Brooklyn, NY men were arrested for conspiring to provide support to the Islamic State.  Two of the men were planning to fly to Syria to join the group while the third was charged with conspiring to support the trip financially.

In November 2014 another man was pulled off a flight in New York which was traveling to Turkey and arrested. He was indicted in federal court in February on charges of conspiring to provide material support to the Islamic State and lying to federal authorities.